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RELEASED .... A Journey into Herbal & Natural Healing eBook. From years of teaching herbal and natural healing, I have compiled a comprehensive eBook including my herbal "recipes" from Mystic Naturals' product line.

Explore how herbs and other natural methods can enhance health and well-being. Discover how a healthy, holistic lifestyle works to balance mind, body & spirit.

Praise for A Journey into Herbal & Natural Healing eBook:

"Tania Tyler has herbal healing in her blood and background, and it shows in both the thoroughness of the material covered in A Journey Into Herbal & Natural Healing and in the ease with which she presents it. This is the practical guide for which I've been searching for years!  Whether you're looking for amazing herbal tea blends, natural and effective stress relief, or how to make your own lotion, you will find the answers - and much more - here.  Tania includes her own well-tested and very popular recipes and they are detailed and easy to follow.  The book itself is nicely laid out and quick and easy to navigate.  Enjoy this eBook as I have - it is a true treasure trove of information everyone should have." JT

This book offers concise and easy to understand information on the use of herbs for natural healing. Tania's understanding and love of nature offers everyone who reads this book an opportunity to learn and incorporate herbs into their daily life. I would recommend this book to anyone who in on the journey to a more natural approach to healthy living. Bonnie Rogers, Reiki Master/Teacher, Herbalist

"For a long time I have wished for a way to gather simple but concise and thorough information on herbs and natural healing remedies, but hadn't quite found what I wanted. Then Tania Tyler began sending out wonderful newsletters with gems of wisdom, easy and quick to read yet full of not just suggestions, but step-by-step descriptions for how to make herbal infused oil, for example, or healing salves. I recognized immediately that this is what I had been hoping to find, so I could start a collection of useful and substantial guides on how to create alternative, natural remedies. Tania's information is shared in a gentle and generous way, and I consider what she offers to be substantial and unique, there is no other source out there quite like what she offers."  Elaine Clayton  www.illuminara.com

Available in 2 formats: Kindle or Nook

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How to Use This Book
Herbal History
Collection, Drying & Storing Herbs
     Wildcrafting Guidelines
     Drying & Storage
     At Risk List
     To Watch List
Herbal Teas, Infusions and Decoctions
     Herbal Teas
     Herbal Tea Blending
     Herbal Tea Recipes
     Infusions (Medicinal Use) Dry Plant
     Decoction (Medicinal Use) Dry Plant
Natural Ingredients for Body & Skin Care
     Oils & Butters
     Other Ingredients
     Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
     Flower Essences
     Homeopathic Remedies
Basic Herbal Preparations
     Infused Oils
     Glycerites and Vinegars
Stress & Relaxation
     Herbs for Stress & Relaxation
     Herbal Bath Teas
     Herbal Eye Pillows
     Essential Oils – Aromatherapy
     Stress Reduction Techniques
Sleep & Insomnia
     Herbs for Sleep & Insomnia
     Essential Oils for Sleep
     Homeopathic Remedies
     Herbal Dream Pillows
Immune System
     Herbs for the Immune System
     Herbs Specific for Colds & Flu
     Elderberry Syrup
     Essential Oils – Aromatherapy
Herbal & Natural Skin Care
     Dry Skin Brushing
     Bathing Tips
     Herbs & Natural Ingredients for Skin Care
     Facial Steams
     Facial / Body Scrub
     Brown Sugar Scrub
     Natural Lotion – Base Recipe
     Essential Oils for Skin Care
Herbal First Aid
     Herbal Salves
     Natural Insect Repellant
     Essential Oils for First Aid
Herbal Aphrodisiacs
     Herbs as Aphrodisiacs
     Essential Oils as Aphrodisiacs
     Warming Massage Oil
     Massage Oil
Scientific Herbal Names
Recommended Resources

     Herbal Research
     Herbal Associations & Organizations


Be sure to visit our blog:  A Journey Into Herbal and Natural Healing

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