3 Simple Meditations to Reduce Stress

Breath Meditation Staying focused in the present takes a little practice but once learned, it’s a simple way to reduce your stress and add a new dimension to your life. An easy way to get started is by paying attention to your breath – this is also referred to as ‘conscious breathing’. Take a few […]

Rhythms of Nature : Winter

Living in Harmony with the Seasons Observing and living in rhythm with nature can be beneficial to our health and well-being. Living in harmony with nature is not a new idea, it is one of the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) and was also the basis for health before society became too busy and […]

Breathe freely

Well, I didn’t think I would ever do it but I sure am glad I did! I’ve been using a Neti Pot for some time now and it has really made a difference with my allergies and sinus issues, plus I haven’t been sick with a cold this winter. My sense of taste and smell has greatly […]

The Zen of Incense

“Just as there is an art to serving tea, flower arranging, and calligraphy, there is an art to burning incense. A sixteenth-century Zen priest is credited with describing the ten virtues of incense burning: Incense burning opens the mind to divinity. Incense burning purifies the mind and body. Incense burning divests the mind of worldly […]