Jack Frost Herbal Cold Remedy Tea

Jack Frost Herbal Cold Remedy Tea Here’s a recipe from my herbal business, Mystic Naturals. Helps relieve the symptoms of the cold and flu including fever.¬†Especially soothing for sore throats. The best supplier of high quality organic & wildcrafted herbs is Mountain Rose Herbs. For more recipes check out my herbal eBook, A Journey into […]

The Art of Blending Herbal Teas

A rewarding and enjoyable artistic outlet Art is defined as “the quality, production, expression, or realm of what is beautiful, or of more than ordinary significance.” A finely blended herbal tea can be just that; a colorful blend of herbs, varying textures, contrasting and complimenting flavors to create an extraordinary cup of tea. With a […]

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea

Infusions, Decoctions, Techniques There is nothing quite as good as the taste of teas made with fresh picked herbs. However, many herbs may not be available fresh, either because of the season or their growing environment. A perfect cup of tea can still be brewed with quality dried herbs. Although numerous gadgets exist for tea […]