Rooibos: The Red Tea

Rooibos, (pronounced “roy-bos”), Aspalathus linearis, grows only in a small area of Southern Africa in the region of the Western Cape province. The name Rooibos is derived from “red bush”. Technically Rooibos is not a “true” tea because it does not come from the Camellia plants that produce traditional teas although it has long been […]

Tea Brewing

This article contains instructions for brewing the perfect cup of green, white, Oolong, black and Rooibos teas. Proper water temperature, tea-leaf volume and steeping time all effect the outcome of tea. Improperly brewed tea can be bitter or flavorless.

Green Business of the Year Award

Co-op America’s Green Business of the Year Award identifies businesses that are committed to social and environmental responsibility. Each year one business is selected by the public as the Green Business of the Year. This year’s winner is Mountain Rose Herbs. Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has consistently delivered exceptional quality certified organic products with […]

What’s So Special About Green Tea?

Health Benefits, Brewing & Varieties Green tea is much more than just a refreshing beverage tea; it provides many proven health benefits as well. The Chinese and Japanese have enjoyed green tea’s healing qualities for thousands of years but it hasn’t been until recently that scientific research has proven the health benefits of drinking green […]