Herbal Schools

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There are extensive options for herbal training. The following list is only a small percentage of herbal education schools. They are listed in no particular order. If you are considering an herbal education it is important to pick a school that resonates with you and your specific interests. The American Herbalist Guild (AHG) has a great article entitled “Guide to Getting an Herbal Education” that you may wish to read before choosing a school. Many of the following offer distance learning programs.

  • California School of Herbal Studies
    Located in Sonoma County, the California School of Herbal Studies is one of North America’s oldest centers for herbal education. The school teaches from the tradition of western herbalism, with a materia medica primarily made up of North American and European herbs. Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives and herbs are used to complement the Western tradition. Offers full time, 8 month intensive offers students a broad based foundation in herbal medicine. For those who can’t make a full time commitment we also offer a broad range of weekend series courses and one day workshops.
  • Sage Mountain Herbal Learning Center
    Founded 24 years ago by Rosemary Gladstar and Karl Slick, Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center & Botanical Sanctuary is one of New England’s foremost learning centers for Herbs and Earth awareness. The Center offers internships, herbal conferences, travel, workshops and The Science and Art of Herbalism distance learning course.
  • Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute
    RMHI empowers independent herbalists and health care providers across the globe, providing quality distance-learning courses in Chinese herbology and environmental health. Offering: Interactive-learning and database software, Clinical-case-oriented curriculum, 3 levels of herbalist certification, Distance learning and Seminars.
  • Northeast School of Botanical Medicine
    The Northeast School of Botanical Medicine offers two programs and a traditional styled herbal apprenticeship to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the clinical application of herbal medicine along with an informed respect of the plants vital to this medicine.
  • Bastyr University
    Bastyr University, located north of Seattle, Washington, offers multiple degree programs. One of the world’s leading academic centers for education, research and clinical service in the natural health arts and sciences, Bastyr continues to be in the forefront of developing the model for 21st century medicine.
  • East West School of Herbology
    The East West School of Planetary Herbology correspondence course trains home herbalists, health professionals and clinical herbal practitioners. Led by alternative health pioneer and American Herbalist Guild founder Dr. Michael Tierra, O.M.D., and clinical herbalist/acupuncturist Lesley Tierra, L.Ac., AHG, East West is the only course that teaches Planetary Herbology, a unique approach to herbal medicine which integrates plants and diagnostic tools from the three major healing traditions of the world.
  • Pacific School of Herbal Medicine
    The Pacific School of Herbal Medicine offers community classes and a professional clinical training program in American herbal medicine based in Western physiology and anatomy, modern clinical use of plants, and the gentle traditions of simpling, wildcrafting, and folk medicine. All our teachers are experienced practitioners, wildcrafters and community health organizers. We teach people about their environment and bodies, raise people’s awareness of plants, and train practitioners to be physiologically literate, culturally competent and sensitive, and ecologically aware.
  • Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies
    Founded in 1992, the Connecticut Institute of Herbal Studies focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine and offers a Certified Herbology Program with a foundation in both theory and clinical diagnosis as practiced in China today.
  • North American Institute of Medical Herbalism
    The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, Inc. offers introductory, advanced, and clinical training in medical herbalism and clinical nutrition in the vitalist tradition.  They offer classroom, clinical, field training, and distance learning formats.
  • Heart of Herbs Herbal & Aromatherapy Education
    The Program encourages the student to develop the necessary skills to practice and live the herbal healing arts as well as a profound understanding of the spirituality and essence of Herbalism.
  • Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine
    Offers classes in the tradition of Roots Herbalism – the kind where your hands get dirty as you develop life-long relationships with plants. Their classroom is the outdoors – garden, forest, field, mountain, and stream in Asheville, NC.  “We do not limit our focus to medical herbalism, but instead offer a total plant experience through our study of Botany, Sustainable Wildcrafting, Plant Ecology, Plant Identification, Wild Foods, Organic Gardening, and Permaculture.”
  • PrairieWise Herbal School
    Located in Kansas, the school offers workshops, prairie plant walks, lectures, a one-year basic herbalism program and an extensive 3-year clinical program. PrairieWise Herbal School teaches herbal medicine using hands-on, experiential training. Within the school we explore the essence of the plant from a variety of viewpoints including shamanic studies, scientific research, folkloric uses, eclectic medicine and modern western herbalism.
  • Tia Sophia Institute
    Tai Sophia’s Master of Science in Herbal Medicine program, the nation’s first, is designed and delivered by an international faculty with the clinical and research background to redefine the practice of herbalism.
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