Herbal Associations

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herbal associations

American Herb Association (AHA)
The American Herb Association promotes the understanding and ecological use of medicinal herbs and aromatherapy. Membership is open to anyone interested in herbalism and includes a 20-page quarterly newsletter written by well-known, professional herbalists.

American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
The American Herbal Products Association exists to serve its members by promoting the responsible commerce of products which contain herbs and which are used to enhance health and quality of life.

American Herbalist Guild (AHG)
The American Herbalists Guild is a non-profit, educational organization that represents the goals and voices of herbalists. It is the only peer-review organization for professional herbalists who specialize in the medicinal use of plants.

American Botanical Council (ABC)
For over a decade, The American Botanical Council has educated the public, governmental agencies, research institutions and industries on solid scientific research on the safe and effective use of medicinal plants. ABC publishes the well-respected peer reviewed journal, Herbalgram.

Herb Research Foundation (HRF)
As an education organization, the Herb Research Foundation has been educating the public, health practitioners, legislators, and the media about the health benefits and safety of herbs. HRF has built a specialty botanical library containing more than 250,000 scientific papers on thousands of herbs.

International Herb Association
IHA is a vibrant international organization representing herbal business professionals worldwide.  These businesses are involved in the retail/wholesale of herbs and herb products, growing herbs, manufacturing products made from herbs, processing herbs and using herbs in crafts, culinary uses and landscaping.

Northeast Herbal Association
Our roots were planted in December 1991 when a small group of herbalists gathered to share their ideas and experiences. They discovered a common need for a regional voice, and so created a means for networking and for showcasing professional educational opportunities; a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and for the discussion of topics such as herbal remedies, growing and wildcrafting, retailing, supply resources, and herbal crafts; and a trusted source for answers to legal and political issues. From this gathering the Northeast Herbal Association was formed.

United Plant Savers (UpS)
United Plant Savers (UpS) is a non-profit grassroots membership organization devoted to protecting and replanting at risk native medicinal plant species. UpS raises public awareness of the endangerment of native medicinal plants.

Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association
The Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association is a group of veterinarians and herbalists dedicated to developing responsible herbal practice by encouraging research and education, strengthening industry relations, keeping herbal tradition alive as a valid information source, and increasing professional acceptance of herbal medicine for animals.

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