Jack Frost Herbal Cold Remedy Tea

Jack Frost Herbal Cold Remedy Tea Here’s a recipe from my herbal business, Mystic Naturals. Helps relieve the symptoms of the cold and flu including fever. Especially soothing for sore throats. The best supplier of high quality organic & wildcrafted herbs is Mountain Rose Herbs. For more recipes check out my herbal eBook, A Journey into […]

Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Herbs and spices have been used throughout history as aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are defined as a substance believed to arouse sexual desire; the name being derived from the Greek goddess of sensuality, beauty and love, Aphrodite. There are several different categories of aphrodisiacs. The use of herbs to alleviate imbalances that interfere with normal sexual function […]

5 Natural Solutions for Treating Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t have to be something that you struggle with forever, nor does it have to be something you cure using prescription medication. There are countless natural ways to fight anxiety that will allow you to learn to successfully cope with your anxiety symptoms without the side effects of prescription medication.

How to Make an Herbal Heating Pad

When I had my herbal and natural products business, Mystic Naturals, the herbal heating pads were one of my biggest sellers. They are easy and inexpensive to make and also a much appreciated gift. Not only are herbal heating pads great smelling; they provide warm moist heat to soothe sore muscles & aches. Moist heat […]