About Tania

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Tania Tyler Reiki Master & Herbalist

Tania Tyler
Herbalist & Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner

I was owner of Mystic Naturals for 11 years, which offered quality herbal products for bath, body and relaxation to enrich the soul. All of the products were made from only the finest, natural ingredients available.

I started the Secret Garden Healing Oasis as a natural progression of Mystic Naturals. It is my intention to provide a place for guidance, education and healing so that we may all find and empower our true Self.

I have taught workshops in herbal & natural healing and have been a guest speaker for the Rotary Club, Mystic Chamber of Commerce, and local garden clubs. Some of my herbal tea recipes are published in the book, Herbal Tea Rememdies (Original Famous Teacher Family Brand Mini Kits). Several of my herbal articles have been published in various magazines. I have also released an herbal eBook composed of many of my herbal recipes and workshop materials which is available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. A Journey into Herbal & Natural Healing eBook

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner. September 2012 I started Mystic Zen Healing Jewelry, Reiki-infused gemstone jewelry.

My background is in computer consulting & programming. I left the corporate world to chase dreams. Paths change and lead to new adventures.

My life’s journey is to develop a better understanding of who I am. Growth flourishes through sharing, listening, observing and experiencing. In sharing, I hope to be a catalyst to helping others discover pieces of who they are, to notice the beauty in the small things, to be thankful for the challenges and lessons which allow for their personal growth, and to always be true to themself; all which promote a state of well-being, health and wholeness.

I come from a line of healers, my great grandmother was the healer of her village in Poland and it continued with her relocation to Pennsylvania. I grew up in New Hampshire taking long walks with my great grandfather pointing out all the various local plants and their medicinal uses. And continued with my grandmother’s gardening and folklore knowledge.

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